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24-Hour Emergency Number

Cost-effective with peace-of-mind

A 24-hour emergency number is mandatory on all hazardous materials shipments in the USA. Why pay a fortune when Ishmael Compliance can provide a cost-effective solution with the same peace-of-mind.

We offer an experienced emergency response information provider (ERI provider), operates a state-of-the-art response center staffed 24-hours a day with qualified personnel ready to provide emergency response and incident mitigation information to first responders, State or Federal agencies responding to or investigating an incident, common carriers, and others.

Account Benefits

  • 24 / 7 / 365 Coverage

  • Low annual registration fee

  • No hidden or "per incident" fees

  • DOT regulatory compliance support

  • Online access for account management

  • Online Safety Data Sheet (SDS) system

  • Database of environmental cleanup resources

  • Incident / spill reporting guidance and assistance

  • Access to poison control assistance

  • Reusable, laminated shipping papers for private carriers

  • Access to language interpretation assistance (140+ languages)

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24-Hour Emergency Number: Service
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